I'm Tye Newton,

a creative professional, passionate about visual design and music.

Whether in songcraft, design, or capturing the transience of life in photographs,
creativity drives me to improve my world with what skills I can offer.




I help others to craft and refine better brands, websites, and everything graphic between and beyond. I love my work, and I keep it that way by prioritizing projects that challenge and excite me.

Do you have a project for me? Let's talk.


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I keep myself inspired through photography and music

—once part of a dynamic, contemporary rock band, I continue to practice songcraft on my own.

As resident designer, I was responsible for all brand and promotional artwork for the band, too.








I design because:
I've developed a skill and passion

for unifying aesthetic and utilitarian goals.

I strive to solve creative challenges with iterative design-thinking, aided by my fascination with related disciplines:

art & photography, typography & language, science & technology, philosophy & skepticism.



Good design is:
the optimal balance of form and function.

Good design can appear obvious even when it's difficult; important decisions are often invisible to the user or audience.

It may be artful and innovative or familiar and intuitive—every detail is relevant, in service of expressing a consistent message or solving a design problem.



In the design process:
I expect many "no"s on the way to "yes!"

Design takes patience and dedication, in a thoughtful process of iteration and critique.

Sheer inspiration is never enough; the best results come by incremental refinement, with careful review and feedback.






I view each project as a partnership:
the kind of ship that's built on trust.

Trust in me:

  • in my ability to solve design problems

  • to ask and learn what's needed

  • to challenge preconceptions

  • to advocate for user experience

  • to explain why in common language

  • to be honest about limitations

  • to be receptive to feedback

  • to value getting it right—not just done

I'll trust you:

  • to communicate needs

  • to deliver content ahead of time

  • to provide honest feedback

  • to understand what I don't about your field or industry

  • to value my expertise

  • to invest interest in the project you've tasked me with


Communication is paramount.

I aim to be easy to reach, quick to respond when urgent, friendly to talk to, and I always try to listen carefully and inform well.



“Working with Tye is easy, and there is more creativity, sharing of ideas, and feedback then with in-house/corporate designers.”

— Sheri Singer | Campaign & Special Events Manager
Asperger/Autism Network (AANE)




As a professional designer I’m a student for life;
I'll never stop learning & honing my craft.

I earned two degrees—

• AS in Visual Communications (McIntosh College)
• BFA in Graphic Design (Plymouth State University)

—but since then, my professional experience and skills acquired through years of
stumbles and strides
 have far outweighed them in relevance.


While the bulk of my work
is in brand, graphic, and web design...

...I've been fortunate to enjoy collaborations

with teams in various creative media
outside what I consider my area of expertise, including:

• Videography for music, behind-scenes, interviews, etc.
• Creative direction of photography, artwork, and promotional material
• Photography of public events for regional magazines





My clientele is delightfully diverse:

• Non-profit Organizations • Medical & Educational Institutions
• Musicians & Artists • Recording Studios • Photo & Video Production Teams
• Small to Corporate Businesses • Magazines • etc.


Words from clients

…After listening...[Tye] completely understood our motivation…shared many creative ideas. He helped us achieve...a more user friendly and visually appealing site…that directs visitors to the pages that are most important. Even when the website was complete, Tye went above and beyond again…with instructions on basically everything I’d ever want to use the website for. …I’d recommend [Tye] to anyone and everyone...
— Andrew Gravel | Guitarist/Vocalist, Songwriter, The Gravel Project
Tye’s work more than exceeded expectations; everyone was thrilled. Despite sometimes confusing directions, Tye had the flexibility to grasp the project’s moving pieces and last minute changes. Working with Tye is easy, and there is more creativity, sharing of ideas, and feedback than with in-house/corporate designers.
— Sheri Singer | Campaign & Special Events Manager, Asperger/Autism Network (AANE)
We continue to go back to [Tye], knowing that we can rely on the consistency of his professionalism and vision.  ...I was incredibly impressed with how easy it was to communicate with him. He was organized, responsive, and efficient. He listened carefully to our thoughts and ideas and seamlessly merged our intent with his design. The final product was beautiful.
— Kim Wutkiewicz | Development Associate, Asperger/Autism Network (AANE)


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and personal photography


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