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AANE Twenty Years

AANE 20th Anniversary

"Celebrating 20 Years" Logo Adaptation
"20 Years, 20 Faces" Logo & Artwork

20th Anniversary Gala Campaign

The Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) is a non-profit organization working with individuals, families, and professionals to provide information, education, community, support, and advocacy to people with Asperger profiles or similar autism spectrum profiles, with the goal of helping them to build meaningful, connected lives.

In 2016, AANE celebrated their landmark 20th anniversary. Together we developed not just one, but two adaptations of their existing logo, as well as invitations, fund-raising materials and program artwork for their annual benefit gala, specially themed "20 years, 20 faces" to celebrate the diversity of AANE's people, resources, and accomplishments over its twenty years in operation.

"Celebrating 20 Years"
Logo Adaptation

Adobe Illustrator

The first objective was to adapt a variation of the existing logo to specifically celebrate AANE's 20th active year.

The direction was two-fold:
1. "Simple. Quality without being staid. Nothing cutesy."
2. "Don't overpower the messages of the existing logo: modern, active, creative, moving forward, and community."

My approach was to work within the existing framework, subtly building the "20 years" message cohesively into the original artwork.

A few iterations of the "20" glyph adaptation that we considered, including the winning icon.

Many organizations insert large numerals into their logos to celebrate landmark anniversaries, but I felt it was less typical to do so with such a well-intergrated, subtle, modern feel, and this was well received by the AANE team.

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After the "20" glyph adaptation was approved, it was put to work in this simple banner, "Celebrating 20 years," to be used for all communications related to AANE's 20th year, and especially for fund-raising materials therein. For contexts in which it was important to also include the regular AANE logo, a monochromatic teal version of the "Celebrating 20 years" banner was used to reduce the perceived redundancy of both logos within the same frame.


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"20 Years, 20 Faces"
Logo & Artwork

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

The AANE team decided on a clever theme for their 20th annual benefit gala: "20 years, 20 faces"—a concept for celebrating the diversity of AANE's people, resources, and accomplishments over its twenty years in operation.

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To bring the "20 faces" metaphor to life we created a mosaic of twenty "faces" comprising AANE, toned with brand colors to emphasize diversity, and arranged uniquely for different contexts. These "faces" are not all literally portraits; while they include staff, beneficiaries, contributors, and relevant historical figures, there are also relevant book covers and even works of art by members of AANE's artist collaborative.


20th Anniversary Gala Campaign

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

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Client Feedback


"Tye’s work more than exceeded expectations; everyone was thrilled. Despite sometimes confusing directions, Tye had the flexibility to grasp the project’s moving pieces and last minute changes. Working with Tye is easy, and there is more creativity, sharing of ideas, and feedback than with in-house/corporate designers."

— Sheri Singer, Campaign and Special Events Manager, Asperger/Autism Network (AANE)