Case Studies




Adobe Illustrator

The Emergency Ultrasound Division of Massachusetts General Hospital tasked me with designing a logo for their new research and education program moniker: CURE (Center for Ultrasound Research and Education at MGH).

The logo's purpose was to help distinguish the educational efforts of the department independent from, though still affiliated with, MGH. It needed to look great on academic certificates going to medical professionals for completing ultrasound education courses developed by the CURE team, and it needed to work harmoniously beside the existing MGH shield logo.

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CONCEPT PHASE — Following research into the organization and designs used by many similar institutions, we began with the initial concept phase, wherein many experiments and iterations are roughly rendered and quickly abandoned.

After settling on an overall direction—strong, clean letterforms, using a few rippling strokes to represent the familiar "pie" shape of an ultrasound monitor—came another phase, exploring typographical arrangement and additional embellishing elements, which were eventually all dropped for a more minimal approach.

FINAL DESIGN PHASE — After narrowing down to a final concept, we explored several different treatments for the ultrasound monitor abstraction—appropriately placed on the letter U, allowing the letter to even be thought of as the ultrasound probe itself, producing the sound wave downward.


FINISHING DETAILS — The final touches were rendered with precision, using the curve and angle of the ultrasound monitor shape to give the letterforms continuity and ownership to the brand.

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FINAL TYPOGRAPHY & COLOR — Because of CURE's affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital, it was most appropriate to use color that closely matches that of the MGH brand's blue/teal.