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Central Falls Realty

Central Falls Realty


Adobe Illustrator

Central Falls Realty in Dover, NH, formerly a franchise of Century 21, sought a new logo to establish themselves as a newly independent company, but without eroding familiarity with their established customer base.

Left: The Century 21 logo, under which the company formerly worked as Century 21 Central Falls. Right: The new logo for Central Falls Realty.

CONCEPT — To accomplish the goal of reminiscent yet distinct from their former parent company's logo, the still-appropriate underlying concept of a warm-gold roof was carried over, this time styled with more modest, residential architecture. To afford the new logo a stronger sense of ownership by the new company, the illustration is completed with a waterfall, inspired by Cocheco Falls, a relevant regional landmark located near the company office on central avenue in downtown Dover, NH.

COLOR — While the concept of the warm-gold roof was borrowed, a brighter shade of gold was chosen to better compliment the lively blue of the falls illustration.

TYPOGORAPHY — The typeface Palatino was chosen for its nuanced, architectural serifs, and the words of the company name are stacked, right-aligned, providing visual stability that is representative of the reliability one expects from both their home and their realtor.

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Many variations of the falls illustration, and a few type arrangements were explored before a final decision was made on the simple strokes with right-aligned type.

Here are just two of many alternate arrangements that were considered during our process by not ultimately used.

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