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The Speed of Film



Album Artwork
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Concert Poster

The Speed of Film is a now defunct contemporary rock band from the seacoast region of New Hampshire. (The moniker has been more recently used by at least one other music group.) Their name—a pun on ISO or light-sensitivity of photographic film—and songwriting style called for a cinematic, storytelling theme, and the band members were most interested in something with a classic, “retro” vibe.

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Adobe Illustrator

This logo was created for the release of their debut album, Vows and a Party, and was inspired by old-school, dramatic film typography, and treated for that clichéd, “silver screen” look—a style achieved by pairing the aptly named Sad Films typeface with the deliberately saccharine Zapfino script.


Vows and a Party LP

Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

CONCEPT — For the album artwork and package design for their debut album, Vows and a Party, The Speed of Film sought to take their retro-cinematic storytelling a step further with the nostalgia of town fair rides. All photographs were taken specifically for the project. To heighten the retro/nostalgic vibe, photos were treated to look as though they were taken with an old fashioned Holga toy camera.

Jewel Case Insert

Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

JEWEL CASE INSERT — The jewel case insert booklet features a different fair ride on each panel, including the album cover. Not all of the rides depicted are old fashioned; it was decided that this anachronism fit the storytelling concept of the album by making an interesting statement about life experiences passing into memories with age.


Jewel Case & Disc Artwork

Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

INSIDE — The inside of the jewel case CD-tray features the “Thank You” section (traditionally used by band members to thank collaborators, friends, family, and fans for their support), symbolically hidden underneath the CD, for listeners to discover as they lift the disc to play it for the first time.

DISC — The on-disc artwork stands apart from the rest, uniquely designed to resemble an old fashioned playbill with the album track names listed in lieu of the programme for a show.

Concert Poster: "Vows and a Party" album release

Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

This poster already had a prescribed theme in promotion of The Speed of Film’s debut album release show. Naturally, an unused photograph from the Vows and a Party album art shoot was appropriate. Supporting acts had their own logos.

Apparel (Two Designs)

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

We decided on two concepts for apparel artwork, and it wasn't important for it to directly draw from the album theme, but they did want a sense of humor conveyed.

RED — Old school theater scene, a la Mystery Science Theater 3000, with band member's heads silhouetted in seats (like the characters of MST3K), and the band logo on the silver screen. Simple line art was drawn in Illustrator and distressed texture was applied in Photoshop to give it a worn-in, well-loved look.

Black — A deliberately cliché, 4-up band member head shots arrangement, using reductive, clipart-worthy caricatures of each band member, boiled down to each their cartoon essence; Justin Newton's square frames and lip ring, Justin Walker's male-pattern balding hairline (as personally requested), Adam Poliquin's backward cap and goatee, and Dave Blakney's contrasting lack of distinguishing features.